MATLAB Live Editor

MATLAB Live Editor

Create scripts that combine code, output, and formatted text in an executable notebook.

Create an Executable Notebook

Use live scripts to tell a story. Enhance your code and output with formatting, images, and hyperlinks. Insert equations using the interactive editor or create them using LaTeX. Add interactive controls to set values in your script. You can then share your live scripts directly with colleagues, so they can reproduce or expand on your work. Publish your work as a PDF, HTML, or LaTeX document.

You can use the Live Editor in MATLAB and in MATLAB Online.

Explore Ideas Quickly

Work in a single environment and eliminate context switching with results and visualizations that appear right next to the code that produced them. Divide your script into manageable sections and run each independently. Use the fully integrated debugger to troubleshoot your code.

MATLAB helps you code with contextual hints for function arguments, file names, and more. You can use interactive tools to explore figures and tables in the output. Then get automatically generated code to reproduce your changes.

Create Live Functions

The Live Editor is not just for scripts. You can also create functions, and document them with formatted text, images, hyperlinks, and equations.

Teach with Live Scripts

Create engaging lectures that combine explanatory text, mathematical equations, code, and results. Step through topics one section at a time and modify your code on the fly to demonstrate concepts. Develop examples that illustrate how engineers use math to solve practical and complex problems. Create live scripts with MATLAB code to build assignments that let students explore and learn on their own.