Working with MathWorks Consulting gives you the advantage of their years of project work, industry backgrounds, and deep MATLAB and Simulink know-how.

MathWorks Consulting Services delivers reliable and effective solutions to solve your engineering challenges. Explore how MathWorks consultants work with you on a strategic level, understanding your business goals and using their technical expertise to translate your requirements into real-world solutions.

How We Work

MathWorks Consulting Services works to strengthen your skills and leave you self-sufficient and in control of your own processes, tools, and design work.

Worldwide Availability

MathWorks Consulting Services brings local presence, local language, industry background, and MATLAB and Simulink expertise to your part of the world.

From improving performance and product quality to reducing development time and advancing scientific discovery, MathWorks Consulting Services helps engineers and scientists overcome their most difficult research and technical challenges. See how MathWorks consultants are transforming the way their customers work.

Meet Our Team

Worldwide, MathWorks Consultants have MATLAB and Simulink expertise and industry experience to solve technology and business challenges. 

"MathWorks Consultants were well-qualified, professional, and fast. They understood not only the technical issues but also the business goals, which is essential when working on a core business system. We got more than we expected from MathWorks Consulting."

Dr. Norbert Tönder, IT Project Manager, RWE