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DC Motor Model (Simulink)

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DC Motor Model (Simulink model) with Voltage input, speed and current output graph



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A DC motor model with Input voltage, speed and current output graph.

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farhan rosli

Hashim Abada

aqeel khan

thanx sir...great work


How can I know response of the sistem?

sofia yousuf

sofia yousuf

sofia yousuf

sofia yousuf


Bella (view profile)

Hi, can anyone tell me how to add an external load (in Amp) to this model? Thanks!


Wu (view profile)


Wu (view profile)

karim hossam

nice ana simple

Mr Smart

nice and simple

Nice simple DC motor model. Only complaint is that it is missing an external load torque input but this is easy to add. Good Work.

Rosario Di Palma

latif abou bakar

fasfsaf sdfhsdhsdh


batu oztekin

very helpfull thank you very very much

Anele Benson Mahlathi


Ren Lili


Hisham V J

goyal sharma


ghjghf fghg

korean actor RAIN

i like to get information about simulink model of stepper motor

Niyant Patel

Simple yet complete DC motor model

kamal s

Vadi Vel

Midwar Molina

Zdravko Andonov

Basic DC model with fixed parameteres. Parameter changings has to made by masking the object There are no field model.

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