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Plot Stock Prices

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Retrieves and plots historical stock prices

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A very simple function which uses the DataFeed toolbox to retrieve stock prices for a specified number of days from the Yahoo service and plots them.
e.g. to see how your Microsoft shares have done over the last three months, just type:
>> show_chart('MSFT',90)

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Dimitri Shvorob

A trivial wrapper, and nothing that's not in toolbox doc.

Sunil Tapashetti

fetch function for historic data returns date in a form which is unknown. It is not in the same form as <now>. Try this fetch function
d = fetch(C,'INFOSYSTC.NS','Close',datestr(n),datestr(n-num_days),'d');

Is it something typical to Indian Stock Market?


Updated license


Added copyright lines and upgraded error handling to use the latest syntax.



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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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