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3D Quiver with volumized arrows

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Produce a 3D quiver of arrows with many visualization options



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This quiver3D differs from the basic quiver3 in that it allows far more options for visualization. Based on the 'surf' command, you can produce color-based visuals of your data via the multiple arrows to more accurately portray your results with true, three-dimensional arrows.

hQ = quiver3D(posArray, magArray, colorArray);

% Returns the arrow handles (stem and arrow head separate for more specific visualization: see arrow3D submission for further details). Send an array in the form of: posArray = [x1,y1,z1; x2,y2,z2;...], with same form for delta values and RGB colors.
Provides a full demo using:

playshow demoQuiver3D

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Please take a look at vfield3 submission

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