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structure tensor - introduction and tutorial

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structure tensor - introduction and tutorial


Shawn Arseneau


21 Sep 2006 (Updated )

Comprehensive intro to structure tensors both in 2D and 3D

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Tutorial on structure tensors. Normally associated with image processing and structure inference, this code provides a completely encapsulated package to explain and demonstrate the use of structure tensors.

playshow structureTensorDemo

or use the html to properly visualize the LaTeX equations.

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
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03 Jan 2015 Vahid K. Alilou

Vahid K. Alilou

11 Mar 2014 kamal


I'd like to ask you about line 28 in structure_tensor_plot.m :

[stheta, sphi, srho] = cart2sph(e3(1), e3(2), e3(3));

Why did you use e3 instead of e1? since l1 >> l2 = l3 (aprox.) , it should be e1 that corresponds (l1). I would appreciate a lot if you answer my inquiry.
Thanks in advance.

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10 Mar 2013 Ali


18 May 2012 bo


nice work

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30 Oct 2009 Lin Naiyang

Lin Naiyang

03 Apr 2008 Ben Kang

Great jobs!

21 Nov 2006 S Arseneau

I believe that your issue may be that you are using an older version of MatLab as I see from your directory path that you are using MatLab 6. To provide a quick fix, I suggest looking at your local help file (which should still have your appropriate function parameters) for 'quiver'. Otherwise, I suggest re-coding the source to:
quiver(midpt, midpt, cU, cV);
This won't have any of the cool visualization, but I suspect it may work for your version of MatLab. You can also try to re-code based on the premise that the current version of quiver works as follows:
quiver(xpos, ypos, xMagnitude, yMagnitude, scaleFactor, lineSpec, ...);

Hope that this helps you out.

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15 Nov 2006 Emilio Gomez

??? Error using ==> quiver
Too many input arguments.

Error in ==> C:\MATLAB6p5\work\ST_pub\structureTensorDemo.m
On line 81 ==> quiver(midpt, midpt, cU, cV, midpt, 'r', 'LineWidth', 5, 'MaxHeadSize', 5);

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30 Oct 2006 dong huang

>> structureTensorDemo
Isotropic Case: Directional Derivative Magnitude=0.000000
Uniform Color Case: Directional Derivative Magnitude=0.000000
Note how the coherence measure is different for each case
Isotropic case coherence:0.000000
Uniform color case coherence:1.000000
??? Undefined command/function 'voxel_plot'.

Error in ==> visualize_3D_data at 30
voxel_plot([c,r,d],vColor, 1-data(c,r,d));

Error in ==> structureTensorDemo at 341

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