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MATLAB serial - code example

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MATLAB serial - code example


Steven Kolak (view profile)


03 Oct 2006 (Updated )

MATLAB with serial devices - code example

%% Using MATLAB with Serial Devices (such as RS-232)
% MATLAB supports communication with serial devices including RS-232 when 
% using the Instrument Control Toolbox.  There are many devices with serial
% interfaces, including gas chronometers, mass spectrometers, 
% imaging devices, pulse oximeters, and instruments.
% The toolbox provides a graphical tool that allows you to configure, 
% control, and acquire data from your serial device without writing code. 
% The tool automatically generates MATLAB code that allows you to reuse
% your work.  The code example below was automatically generated by the
% tool.  Type "tmtool" at the MATLAB command line to launch this tool.
% This code example below shows you how you can communicate with your
% serial device using MATLAB.  The "*IDN?" command was used which is a 
% typical command for communicating with an instrument.  The commands you
% can use will depend on what your serial device supports.

%% Automatically generating a report in MATLAB
% Press the "Save and Publish to HTML" button in the MATLAB Editor to 
% execute this code example and automatically generate a report of your 
% work with the serial device.

%% Automatically generating MATLAB script for your RS-232 device
% To automatically create your own MATLAB script, launch "tmtool". Open the
% "Hardware" node, open the "Serial" node, select your serial port (such
% as COM1, press the "connect" button.  Once connected, enter your device 
% commands in the right pane, press "Session log" to see the code generated,
% and press "Save Session" to save the code to a MATLAB (.m) file.

%% MATLAB script automatically generated for the RS-232 device
% The following MATLAB script was automatically generated by interacting
% with the device configuration tool provided by the toolbox.  

% Creation time: 03-Oct-2006 20:36:43

% Create a serial port object.
obj1 = instrfind('Type', 'serial', 'Port', 'COM3', 'Tag', '');

% Create the serial port object if it does not exist
% otherwise use the object that was found.
if isempty(obj1)
    obj1 = serial('COM3');
    obj1 = obj1(1)

% Connect to instrument object, obj1.

% Communicating with instrument object, obj1.
data1 = query(obj1, '*IDN?');

% Disconnect from instrument object, obj1.

% Clean up all objects.

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