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Optimization of a Double Wishbone Suspension System

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Optimization of a Double Wishbone Suspension System


Stuart Kozola (view profile)


31 Oct 2006 (Updated )

Demo files from the Webinar "Introduction to Optimization with MATLAB(R) Products" Oct. 26, 2006

function varargout = wbObjFun(x,time,profile)
% Simulate the wishbone model in Simulink and get camber vs. distance
% profile and/or norm of profile
% Use:
% F = wbObjFun(x,time,profile) returns norm of profile and sim profile
% [F,P] = wbObjFun(x,time,profile) returns profile in P

if isstruct(x), x = x.x; end

% Run simulation
simopt = simset('SrcWorkspace','Current');
[unused1,unused2,yout]= sim('DoubleWishbone',time,simopt);

% Return norm value]
if isempty(profile)
    varargout{1} = NaN;
    varargout{1} = norm(yout(:,1) - profile(:,1)) + norm(yout(:,2) - profile(:,2));

if nargout > 1 % return profile if requested
    varargout{2} = yout;

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