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Analog / Mixed Signal Examples

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Analog / Mixed Signal Examples


Dick Benson (view profile)


12 Feb 2002 (Updated )

Extensive collection of examples for analog and mixed signal design work.

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%% Compare_Spice_SimPower
% compare LTSpice simulation results with SimPower
% Dick Benson
% Copyright 2013 The MathWorks, Inc.

% original version needed LTSPice2Matlab.m 
%plot(LTS.time_vect*1e9,LTS.variable_mat(1,:),'color',[0 0 1])
load LTSpice_Result
%  LTS.time_vect, LTS.variable_mat(2,:),'color',[0 1 0]);
hold on
plot(Isw.time*1e9,Isw.signals.values(:,2),'color',[1 0 0])
% Isw.time,Isw.signals.values(:,1),'color',[1 0 1] )
hold off
ylabel('FET Drain Current Amps')
xlabel('Time in Nanoseconds');

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