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MatPlanWDM v0.5

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MatPlanWDM v0.5



29 Jan 2007 (Updated )

Educational network planning tool for the RWA problem in WDM networks (MILP and heuristic based)

global numberOfNodes numberOfLinks numberOfLevels ;

global phys physFromFile
global traff_trafficMatrix traff_trafficMatrixFromFile multiHourTrafficMatrices

global timezoneOffset

global method algorithmParameters; 
global numberOfMultiHourAlgorithms MultiHourAlgorithms;
global topologyFilename trafficFilename;

global  MultiHourTrafficMatrices exitMsg exitFlag sweepOfNetStates sweepOfStatMetrics designTime

global lightpathsRoutes listOfSerialNumberFlowsPerLp
global timeSlotToSave

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