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Intruder Detection and Recording

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Intruder detection and recording with live video and audio display.



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This Intruder Detection example shows how the Image Acquisition and Data Acquisition Toolboxes can be used together.
This program displays live video and audio data acquired from a web cam and sound card. Whenever certain motion or sound thresholds are exceeded, an alarm will sound while the video and audio data are recorded to disk for 10 seconds.

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jing zhang

can someone explain to me how to configure the rest of the codes please

Kemal Ça?r?



Walid (view profile)


Sanket (view profile)

hey, it is nice application. however i have one query. i was using this code to detect motion using 1.3 MP camera... now i am using 5.0 MP camera i found some errors like size exceeded in command window of Matlab. Could you please let me know is it due to less RAM (512 MB) or camera hardware.. Could you please guide me for same. thanks in advance!!!


Shahab (view profile)

cool nice great !!

syamsul adly


Nikolay K

dharm khoker

Tahir Ahmad Talpur

extremely useful

zak gketsis

Really great!

Stéphane Cardin

thank you!


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Generated the alarm.wav file using MATLAB's wavwrite command.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

Inspired by: IMAQMOTION - Image acquisition motion detection

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