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Ethernet Source with SimEvents

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This SimEvents model uses a captured Ethereal file as a data source to study queuing performance.



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When audio or video is transmitted over an Ethernet network, the data is usually transmitted in bursts of packets with long idle times in between bursts. SimEvents is a good tool for modeling those types of sources and studying the effects of queue size and server times on the audio or video transmission.
This model uses an internet radio file captured from Ethereal as a source, and transmits data with the packet lengths and source times defined in that file. You can study the effects of changing the FIFO Queue size or serviceTime values on the number of dropped packets for the selected source.

To run this model you need to download the Ethernet Header Extraction Tool (posted on MATLAB Central). After you download that tool, you can run this model by following the instructions on the model's diagram.

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hyma b

hyma b (view profile)

I unable to install ethereal software,
downloaded from
can you help.

Rajesh Suresh

All the files needed to run the model are not present and no information about where to find them is not listed.
I would be happy if I get all the required files for the model used to capture ethereal Data for analysis.


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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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