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Import data from SAS

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(via Excel; with SAS/ACCESS and ActiveX Automation Server)



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Please see SASREADDEMO, by following link 'Published m-files' below.
PS. In retrospect, SASREAD gets credit for an inventive approach, but for practical purposes, I would strongly recommend MySQL-mediated data transfer, discussed in 'The Twain Shall Meet: Facilitating Data Exchange between SAS and Matlab' (see link below).

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John Adcox

Hi Eddie, I am getting the same error. Were you able to resolve this issue?


Eddie (view profile)

I'm getting a runtime error 91 in the xls macro about a block variable not having been set. It stops at the "SAS.Quit" line in the Sub SAS2Excel() module.

I'm no expert in VB (I think?), so does anyone know of a quick fix?

SAS-Mtlab Converter found

Dimitri Shvorob

Does anybody else not see the spreadsheet? Please give me a shout.

The file SAS-Matlab Converter.xls is not available for download




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MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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