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2D Apollonian gasket with four identical circles




16 Aug 2007 (Updated )

Plot a 2D apollonian gasket with 4 identical circles

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In mathematics, an Apollonian gasket or Apollonian net is a fractal generated from three circles, any two of which are tangent to one another
The method used to create the Apollonian gasket is based on circle inversion, which is a geometrical transformation acting with a reference circle that modifies points.
% In the plane, the inverse of a point P in respect to a circle of center O and radius R is a point P' such that P and P' are on the same ray going from O, and OP times OP' equals the radius squared
OP * OP' =R²


This file inspired 2 D Apollonian Gasket With N Identical Circles.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
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27 Jun 2010 Adam



good link

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27 Jun 2010 Adam


Very good. Thx.
Here is link to this code in wikibooks/

07 Jul 2008 Gerardo Honorato

is just that i wanted, thanks. Very usefull.

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09 Jan 2008 Olivier Dunoix

Good but useless, you already published "2D Apollonian gasket with n identical circles" which can deal 4 circles and which is more generic

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