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TNB Frenet Frame

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GUI that plots f(t) curves and shows the tangent, normal and binormal vectors travelling through it



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This application graphs the Frenet frame through 3D curves. TNB Frenet frame package is a GUI that lets you plot 3D parametric functions of C3 class, and shows an animated Frenet frame travelling through it.

Features include:

- User defined domain of the function.

- Adjustable speed and line width.

- Evaluate-at function, wich dymamically shows the used to the plot; then it lets you graph Frenet frame at specific points.

- Pause-Continue button. I added it in order to you pause the plot and make 3D rotations and zooms for the best view. It also helps you to see the parameter actual value.

- Replay button; it lets you graph it again but without loosing your actual view.

- A list of the calculus formulas used.

For more detailed information (i.e. installation, tips, etc.) use the included readme.txt file

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ram bam

Hello, can somebody help me?
I get this Error Message:

>> TNBmain
Error: File: cbDef.m Line: 19 Column: 4
"gcf" previously appeared to be used as a
function or command, conflicting with its
use here as the name of a variable.
A possible cause of this error is that you
forgot to initialize the
variable, or you have initialized it
implicitly using load or eval.

Error in TNBmain (line 182)

Matthew Simoneau

Very nice. It would be easier to get started if the default were an interesting example, rather than blank.



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MATLAB 5.3 (R11)

Inspired: frenet frame package

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