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FingerPrint Application



05 Oct 2007 (Updated )

Capture the Minutiae from a fingerprint

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A fingerprint is made of a series of ridges and furrows on the surface of the finger. The uniqueness of a fingerprint can be determined by the pattern of ridges and furrows as well as the minutiae points. Minutiae points are local ridge characteristics that occur at either a ridge bifurcation or a ridge ending.

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)
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18 Dec 2014 vignesh

Thank you so much for your code. can you please tell me how to remove the spurious minutiae points and fix the distance 'D' as 6
my mail id : vignesh.prem93@gmail.com

12 Dec 2014 ezenwo balogu

thanks for posting this, i really need the code and application for my project urgently.... kennethezenwo@googlemail.com

11 Oct 2014 Ramy Ahmed

Thank you very much for your code
please send me the matching code in order to dealing with my data bank of fingerprint images, Also the code to handle with other types of images bmp,jpg,tiff,png,and any others.
I am also need that code to finish my researches about Fingerprints Recognitions
and verifications, I am doing my master in that field, I will be appreciated if you help me to find it if you please find it, also If its possible to have a contact with you to discuss that field and the problems which we met and how to overcome it.
Thanks very much.
Eng. Ramy Ahmed email: ramyahmed21@gmail.com

02 Oct 2014 Hadeer

can you please provide me matching code at hadeer.mourad@gmail.com

02 Sep 2014 Sumeet

Thanks a lot .Your coding is great.
can you please provide me matching code and
Can you please tell me which papers you have reffered to code this program at my mail id 3sumeet@gmail.com

15 Aug 2014 Joan

Could you help me with my fingerprint projects? I am required to map to a X-Y coordinates, marking especially the deltas.

14 Aug 2014 hira m

how to remove false minutiae points, plz m stucked for so long at this step
my email adressis:fypgroup68@gmail.com

14 Aug 2014 hira m

how to remove false minutiae points, plz m stucked for so long at this step
my email adressis:fypgroup68@gmail.com

21 Jul 2014 zahra

could you kindly please send me the matching code to my email if you have it,thanks
My email:za_boroomand@yahoo.com

27 Apr 2014 andy

hello bro, help me please, im on my final project deadline T_T send me the code how to match, please...

23 Apr 2014 pravin ingle  
22 Apr 2014 pravin ingle

when I run the program, following error occurred. can anybody help me to understand the problem here?

??? Error using ==> sub2ind at 56
Out of range subscript.

Error in ==> fingerprint_pravin at 105

20 Apr 2014 Vinay

Hello, I need Identify at least 7 minutiae that are consistent across the 4 samples from the same finger. Need to circle each in red on one fingerprint image and provide the (x,y) coordinates, angle and type of each, in a manner consistent with the ISO/IEC 19794-2 standard.

Can anyone help me with the code for above task..

13 Apr 2014 Seyyed Hamid

In regarding to correct format for feature matrix in finger print recognition, I have a question.

I have 9 finger prints(for 3 persons) which I want to train my network, and I have 3 fingerprints for testing(each person one).

After preprocessing and post processing, I could successfully reach to 2 feature of each finger print which are:
Termination=[X Y angel]
Biorefication=[X1 Y1 Angel1 Angel2 Angel3]
both of the matices for each finger print have different row size.

As I told you I have 9 input, in another words, I have 9 inputs which either of them has 2 matrix which I explained above.

Now , I have no idea how I should put these feature in correct format to feed it into neural network?

I am very thankful in advance for your help.

13 Apr 2014 Rupjyoti Kalita  
11 Apr 2014 amrutha

plz send me the code to jayamrutha@gmail.com

28 Feb 2014 silamparasu

please send me the code to silamparasu.s@gmail.com

18 Feb 2014 Nguyen Khuong

Can you please send me your code file at my email bobiasg@gmail.com

11 Feb 2014 Lamia

hi, i changed the program so that it works with other images (it was many modifications and adaptation to do) if anyone wants the code let me a mail at lamia.gaoua@gmail.com and i will send u the code ;) Bon courage à tous!

10 Feb 2014 Soorej

My email

10 Feb 2014 Soorej

Thanks for this code. But how to use it for other images. It is not working with other images.

05 Feb 2014 Lamia

hi everyone! to avoid the problem of "ZTerm=Z.*ROI';" I resized the image like the original image (200,200), you will have just the problem of orientation at the end...

05 Feb 2014 Lamia

hi, thank's for this code, but please tell me how to do if we have other images, it works only with yours, how to do to evoid erros like this: Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.

Error in fingerprint (line 201)

thank's very much, please send me your answer at tbagrees@hotmail.fr

22 Jan 2014 kasi meena

Can you please send me your code file at my email kasimeena45@gmail.com

03 Dec 2013 Omid  
06 Nov 2013 Usman Qadir

Can you kindly send me your code file at my email usmanqadir91@gmail.com

25 Oct 2013 Turcanu

Hello Mr. Florence ,

You did a great job! Could you please send me the code for fingerprint matching?
e-mail: andreea.lturcanu@yahoo.com

18 Jul 2013 Mohamed Deyaa

Please send this code to my mail "mdeyaa@gmail.com"

23 Apr 2013 supratim

The code is running only on the image you used in your code. But for other images it is showing the errors like
??? Error using ==> sub2ind at 58
Out of range subscript.

Error in ==> fingerprint at 157

please help me about this...

21 Jan 2013 annu

The code is running only on the image you used in ur code . For other images it is showing the error in finding ROI code.
??? Error using ==> times
Matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in ==> fingerprint at 165
What to do to remove this???????

09 Jan 2013 Rahul Hooda

sir please send me code for fingerprint alignment.
email_id: r89hooda@gmail.com

04 Jan 2013 VIJETH KUMAR

I am doing my final year engineering and I have a problem regarding my project fingerprint image processing. plz send me the code to read the pixel values of a gray scale image in binary format. plz send the code to this email id : vjth.shetty@gmail.com
thank you

29 Dec 2012 Anne GRACE

Hi Florence,

Thanks for sharing this code.

Even i m getting the same error as mentioned by a person previously.


If I changed the last line to ZTerm=Z.*ROI; then it works by the ZTerm becomes zero matrix. It makes the program failure.

kindly help me on this .. it would be a great help.


19 Aug 2012 Kushagra Mittal

First of all, Thank You very much for the code. The code is perfect, except that a minor customization is needed for my project. I need a code which puts the given fingerprint in one of the five pre-defined categories: whorl, right, loop, left loop, arch and tented arch, based on their ridge patterns. Please send it. Thank You.

13 Jul 2012 shahosj

Thanks for the code, however i have a question how to insert code so it can detect fingerprint system automatically? Im using a built in fingersweep by acer aspire 4389. Any help i will appreciate the most.

11 Oct 2011 Smit Bhagat

Hi, I am a final year Engg student. This code has really helped me in coding for my project i.e. Fingerprint Recgnization. I acknowledge Florence Kussener. Thank you for your help.

09 Aug 2011 Abdul Aziz  
30 Jun 2011 Amos Lim

heys everyone, i am conducting a project to make an optical mouse into a Fingerprint Scanner Optical Mouse. So, is this code viable for optical mouse itself to scan fingerprint?

i am just doing a basic project, need to get the optical mouse able to scan and capture the fingerprints.

13 Jun 2011 mohen


18 Apr 2010 amir hazifuddin  
24 Jun 2009 hamza

thanks for the code it was useful to me

25 Mar 2009 kalpana saini

i getting error in this program in Suppress extrema minutiae . using sub2ind i m getting error,index out of range. please give me solution as early as possible.

16 Feb 2009 madhu j

i am doing my final year project in fingerprint verification. i 've performed binarization and thinning. but thinning is taking more time.. so plz send me the code for thinning to my mail id. my mail id is shayam.jayaraman@gmail.com. also during the minutiae extraction lots of spurious minutiaes r detected. so plz help me to remove this also.. please help me... i am having marks for my project.. thanks in advance.. plzzzzzzzzz....

30 Jan 2009 2000forever dagdeviren

i need cmac(cerebellar model arithmetic computer) matlab code for fingerprint classification.can anyone help me?

04 Jan 2009 vijay kumar

Please add minutia matching code,
please I need code source for minutia matching
transform hough is eficase code
send the minutia match algorithm determines whether the two minutia sets are from the same finger or not. two steps: 1. Alignment stage 2. Match stage

25 Nov 2008 Adil

Great application.

cons: it resizes your images to a predetermined size in the GUI (looses aspect ratio).

No comments on code and bad docummentations.

I did not know how to use the validation application

24 Nov 2008 Saravanan

In the fingerprint demo program, I am getting the following error.

??? Error using ==> times
Matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in ==> fpdemo at 89

If I changed the last line to ZTerm=Z.*ROI; then it works by the ZTerm becomes zero matrix. It makes the program failure.

Please help me.

21 Nov 2008 Saravanan

Hi Florence,
I downloaded this application and first two modules Binarize, and Thinning working fine with the given images Empreinte.bmp and Image.bmp with this application. But raised following errors in the third module Find Minutia

Could you help me please. trysaran@yahoo.com

>> fingerprintgui
Warning: Function call fingerprintgui invokes inexact match C:\cs\florence\fingerprint\FingerPrintGUI.m.

??? There is no 'Colormap' property in the 'uipanel' class.

Error in ==> imshow at 115
set(figHandle, 'Colormap', map);

Error in ==> FingerPrintGUI>FindMinutia_Callback at 289

Error in ==> gui_mainfcn at 75

Error in ==> FingerPrintGUI at 42
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback.

21 Oct 2008 ahmad a

hi, thanks for the code, could you please tell me which other fingerprint images (or database) that i can use with this code, or it only works for this image. because whenever i change the image it doesnot work

22 Jul 2008 Faiyaz Zagral

Its is really excellent for the begineers.

06 Jul 2008 Chuleeporn Kanthong


21 Apr 2008 houssam hassan

PLz can you help me in how to find point core in fingerprint image ......
SO plz if you know send me at my adress email

12 Apr 2008 Abid Anjum  
16 Mar 2008 E Yu

The following change is needed -
figHandle = ancestor(axHandle, 'figure');

% get(axHandle, 'Parent');

16 Mar 2008 E Yu  
05 Mar 2008 Vijay Bidla

Sir please add on ALignment and Matching codes in this

01 Mar 2008 benmouna brahim

please I need code source for minutia matching
transform hough is eficase code

29 Feb 2008 Manju g


Please add minutia matching code.

19 Feb 2008 Leena Patil

Hello Florence ,

Code is working excellent,please add minutia matching algorithm,so it is more useful.

04 Jan 2008 John D

Code is not working on gray scale images and also it is not working on different size of images(eg. 256*256).

14 Nov 2007 Avinash Pokhriyal

no explanation file. No image enhancement techniques applied, otherwise it would have been excellent.

13 Nov 2007 hitesh shah

it need to include Enhancement algorithm to handle poor quality images.

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