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Zero-phase forwards/backwards filtering using SP toolbox dfilt filter objects



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FILTFILTHD provides zero-phase forwards/backwards filtering. Unlike MATLAB's filtfilt, FILTFILTHD accepts dfilt filter objects on input.
This allows multiple stage filters from fdatool to be used.

A selection of end-effect minimization methods are supported.

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Great idea. Wondering why ML did not do this. Seems pretty obvious. Filter objects are much easier to work with. This should have been a no brainer for ML.


Very nice!!! thanks


Ede (view profile)

Sweet, thanks!
However, I am running in trouble when using it with parfor. Does anyone know why?

Daniel Golden

A lovely little program that solved my problem!

Mark Proulx

This function is sensational! I've been learning how to use filter objects, and really like the concept. I was discouraged, therefore, when I realized that the standard 'filtfilt' function only works with the transfer function form. This routine is precisely what I needed!


Excellent! I hope that Mathworks incorporates this functionality into the dfilt class in the next release of the Signal Processing Toolbox.


Keith (view profile)

Provides a solution to the limited resolution of the matlab transfer function filter forms when calling filtfilt. Filter objects can be created with zero pole gain prototypes, converted to second order sections and avoid the numerical precision problems associated with [b,a] transfer functions but allow use of filtfilt to eliminate phase distortion.

ueli r.

exactly what i needed

Gunter Wahl


Minor improvements/fixes

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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