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Sonic distance measurement using Windows sound card for data acquisition.

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In this demo the Windows sound card is used as a data acquisition device. A chirp waveform is played out the speaker and captured by the microphone concurrently. The time delay between pitch and catch indicates separation distance. The time delay is determined using signal processing concepts (cross correlation and Hilbert pre-envelope). A graphical user interface makes operaton simple. This demo illustrates the basic principle; distances are not calibrated for accuracy.

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david via

deep sing

i tried it by playing a sample wav file..but the execution of sonar_anal file gives the follwing error "Input argument "fig" is undefined". Can u elaborate on ways to execute the sonar demo considering my novice exposure to matlab

Muhammad Shahzad


Muhammad Shahzad

for checking

magrini antonio

neila castellanos lozano

lalit dhingra

ver good

Mohamed Alzebdah

Has a good Accuracy in long distance insted of small distance.Could be improved if the ability of collaboration is added.
But in the overall "Well done" and Thank you.

Vladimir Molchanov


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