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Calculates inverse Z-transform by long division

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Calculates inverse Z-transform by long division.



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There are many ways to evaluate inverse Z transforms. One of them is inverse Z-transform by long division. Here , I submit a function to do this easily. You can divide one polynomial any degree by any polynomial any degree.

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Daniel Villa

Gracias. Me sirvió. Thanks. It worked for me.

Daniel Villa

Gracias. Me sirvió. Thanks. It does works for me.

Bilal Siddiqui


Mazin Thani

This is what I am looking for.TQ so much

kaushal chokhawala

good job

Joseph Papanko

i need some information on Z transformation by long division and partial fraction calculations.
thank you

Howard R.

Works great!

Dani Serrano

Great!! very useful dude

Niall Lindsay

k s

Huliyar Mallikarjuna

Very useful, should be made standard part of the commands! Thanks, job well done!

christine estoque


Ahmed abdelallah

Really Excellent ...

Micahel Geoge

Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Chow Hua

Toran Guil

Easy, compact, and commented ... Excellent

tolga ozkurt

simple but very good work

Ash Kel

v.v.s.k chakravarthi

simulation of 33/11 kv power transformer

Rob Markous


Paul Kafig

It's just what I needed! Nice work.

Nirav Shah

Ahmed Sharaf

It is really nice !

lee sangkyu


Nish Chandra

Works GR8!



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