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GTOM - Generalized Topological Overlaping Measure

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Efficient implementation of the Generalized Topological Overlaping Measure (GTOM)



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COMPUTEGTOM computes the generalized overlaping measure algorithm (GTOM) [1]

Joaquin Goñi <>
Iñigo Martincorena <>

University of Navarra -
Dpt. of Physics and Applied Mathematics &
Centre for Applied Medical Research. Pamplona (Spain).

November 22nd, 2007

batchComputeGTOM.m contains an example that loads and adjacency matrix and computes the GTOM matrix. Finally, a hierarchical clustering of GTOM matrix is carried out.

Type 'help computeGTOM' for further information and examples.

GTOM [1] Yip A, Horvath S (2007) Gene network interconnectedness and the generalized topological overlap measure BMC Bioinformatics 2007, 8:22
TOM [2] Ravasz E. et al. (2002) Hierarchical Organization of Modularity in Metabolic Networks Science 297 (5586), 1551.

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Xun Huang

Well done. Thank you.

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