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Advanced hline and vline

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Draws horizontal/vertical lines in graphs. Accept axes handle and allows user to specify label posit



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I needed to draw some vertical markers to my plots in GUI, so I checked out Brandon Kuczenski's hline/vline submission. However it doesn't accept axes handle as an input argument.
Getting around by switching with 'gca' causes weird behavior due to uncertain timing in GUI. So I reverse engineered the basic idea in his code and added in a few degrees of freedom. I hope this will help other MATLAB GUI programmers.

I haven't done any extensive testing as I'm busy with with my project on hand. Please send any suggestions, bug reports to Thanks!

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Felipe (view profile)

I'd add at the end:
if (nargout == 0), clear lineHandles; end




Added textHandle as an optional output and yLimits for vline() and xLimits for hline() as optional inputs.


Refactored to enable linePropertiesList, textPropertiesList, isLineColorSynchronizedWithText

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

Inspired by: hline and vline

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