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This function is used to create test environments starting

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This function is based on
MyBlob toolbox, and it's used to create test environments starting
 from existing databases, copying a fixed number of elements from
 eache table of the source database to test one.
I'm not related to the author of MyBlob Toolbox: if you don't like this function it's my fault, not his one.

 - conn is the object to connect to sourcedb obtained by myblob_open;
 - sourcedb is the name of the source database;
 - testdb is the name of the destination database;
 - limit is the number of elements you want to copy from each table;
         you can set it to 'all' if you want to create an exact copy of the
         source database.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

Inspired by: Myblob

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