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Volume Render

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Volume Render GUI with mouse change able color and alpha maps

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This is a Fast Volume Render application, using OpenGL surfaces.

Color and alpha maps can be changed on the fly by dragging and creating markers in a histogram with the mouse.

There is a bug / memory leakage in the Matlab function colormap incombination with OpenGL. If there is a solution please leave a message ...

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yryy (view profile)

very cute

Ted Shultz

Dirk-Jan Kroon

Dirk-Jan Kroon (view profile)

That only your real data works and not your synthetic is probably caused by the data-type of your volume and value-range of your data. Maybe you have to convert the data first to uint8 with a range of 0...255 before you can use the viewer.

works very good with my real data but it doesn't work with my synthetic data. Where can I find any explanation (the concept) of this code?

David K

Very Nice. Been looking for something like this.

jichao zhao

It is good cool staff, however, when I used for a new data, it did not work for me, and I can not figure out :(

I guess it will be nice if you can provide one more example and show how to adjust inputs for your cool package, thanks,

Dirk-Jan Kroon

getrangefromclass() returns [0 1] or if integer:
range=double([intmin(class) intmax(class)]);

Petr Krysl

getrangefromclass () function missing. Could you post please?



ivan scardanzan

Matlab has been traditionaly VERY slow in 3d visualization (see isosurfaces)
However, I have seen minor speed improvements in r2008a
To full exploit OpenGL is a real need and this contribution goes in that direction

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MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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