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Classical Orbital Elements GUI

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Visualize Classical Orbital Elements



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Version 1.0 First Version
Version 1.01 clarification about dimensions and coordinate
frame used ( ECI )

The COE ( Classical Orbital Elements ) tool will help to
visualize orbital elements around a planet and is intended
as a help to experiment with the different orbital elements
and see how the orbit will look like.

The orbit color is as follows
blue: prograde
red: retrograde
black: polar

The coordinate frame is ECI ( Earth Centered Inertial )
where the X-axis is pointing towards vernal equinox.

The X-axis has the point colored black
The Y-axis has the point colored blue
The Z-axis has the point colored red

The ascending node vector is in the equatorial plane
colored green.

When you plot an orbit the graphic window will automatically
be set to hold-off so to be able to plot 2 or more orbits
in the same window you have to press the hold-on button
in between every plot command.

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Danna XUE

bedri keskin



King (view profile)

dear frnd, o downloaded it n it works except the zoom n the rotate functn, wats the problem ther, how ot i make it to zoom n rotate , plz reply

Miguel Hagenfeldt

Runs well on MATLAB2008a.

Diego Barragán



Updated to include an App file for R2012b


Version 1.01 clarification about dimensions and coordinate frame used ( ECI )

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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