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Visualization Toolkit (VTK) mex interface

version 1.0 (6.5 KB) by

Files describing how to interface MATLAB with VTK via mex



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The code in this submission describes how to download and install the Visualization Toolkit (VTK, and create a MATLAB mex file to interface with it.

An example C++ mex file and code to build and run the mex file are included.

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Mimi (view profile)

here is my new version with vtk 6.1, but i used windows:

code is not very pretty, but i already wasted so much time with installing vtk :-/


Haung (view profile)

Can give a new version with VTK6.1.0 ?

it seems different..


marc (view profile)

Mark T

Mark T (view profile)

Thanks Phil. Good instructions - worked out fine (slight deviation in selecting build options in cmake...and VC2008 took about 30 minutes to compile on a 2.0GHz Pentium).
However, when running 'vtkPolyDataRenderer.mexw32' with 'runDemoVTKmexfile.m' I get *random crashes upon calling*.
Could there be a memory leak floating around?

Got it installed on my Opensuse 11.1 with Matlab 2007b. There was one ' bug' due to GLIBCXX inconsistencies, I'd to remove the files and from the matlab/sys/os/glnxa64 directory (64 bit pc).

For the "closing" bug, a work-around exists: type 'q' in the VTK window, and the VTK-window will close as it should do while keeping Matlab alive.

Fredrik Viksten

The openGL shutting down matlab is a well-known ... limitation(?) of the classic openGL implementation. There is an old lngjmp ugly-hackish-fix to get around it but a much better way is to use freeglut which already can handle this.

Abhishek Banerjee

its good but i tested on my Fedora 9 with gcc-4.3 . But when i closed the openGL window my matlab also shutting down ..i dont know why ..

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