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DC-DC Boost Converter Open Loop Control

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Modeling of DC-DC Boost Converter using Simlink Tools with Open Loop PWM



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A DC/DC Boost Converter was developed using the simulink tool box. The converter can be analysed with variation of duty ratio k with the increasing output voltage. PWM generation with open loop strategy gives idea to develop in closed loop technique. Analysis can be made for percentage ripple in the output voltage.

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lily mona

how to chose the parameters RLC according to the control loop please

ahmed Ghareeb

it doesn't work, my matlab version is 2009a,this can be a gives me error (The diagram must contain a powergui block. The block must be named <powergui> and should be located at the top-level of your diagram for optimal performance.).what's the solution??

A simulation block is missing, and the diode needs to be changed if the newer version of MATLAB is used. A very useful post neverthless.


sir nice work,i am ur student

sb ss

very much usefull

Boubacar Traore

mohamed taha

swapna marne

nice information to learn about simulation

Allen Yu

senthil kugan


kumarvel Kanthan

Good work to understand converters

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