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VIBGYOR Color Segmentation

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VIBGYOR Color Segmentation



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This function can be used for VIBGYOR Colour segmentation from the RGB
Color images

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hey i have a doubt in program why did you multiply GL with 1 or 0.5 or 0.68 is it random numbers or any logic in it can you please explain me

thanks ..

Su Dongcai

Su Dongcai (view profile)

works fine, but It has limited application, it's seldom need to find pure red or green color area in the real-world image. Actually, if one want to detect area with a defined color "c", he can simply use euclidean distance between the color of pixels and "c".


It works for my images. Thanks dude.
Could you please provide some link related to the
software (algorithm).
Thanks a lot....

Medha Jani

Awsome work there..But being a student, id really appreciate it if u cud include some explanation about the code.. Or may be some link to help me understand it better perhaps...
Thanx a lot..

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