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Anders Brun (view profile)


24 Oct 2008 (Updated )

Renders a 2-D image in 3-D space using a texture mapped rectangle, with several examples of uses.

function h = imagesc3(varargin)
% Display a 2-D image in Matlab xyz 3-D space and scale the colors.
% % h = image3(C, IJ2XYZ, handle)
% Uses the whole colormap, similar to imagesc. The syntax is otherwise the 
% same as for image3.
% This function is provided for convenience, manipulation of the handle h
% from the ordinary image3 function will provide the exact same
% functionality ... and more! 
% SEE ALSO: image3
% Author: Anders Brun, (2008)

h = image3(varargin{:});

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