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PID Controller Matlab Code

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This folder contains the files to simulate a PID controller for a first order time delay system

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Most of the time we use Simulink to simulate a PID controller. But this files run it as a Matlab code.
Extract the files to the working directory and just run the file PID_ctrl_call.m.
You can vary the PID tuning parameters in the file pid_ctrl.m and see what will happen.

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Thien Tran



Van (view profile)

i want a pid controller

i need reference for velocity algorithm m file


Tong (view profile)


Aidan (view profile)

i want pid programming for reactive distillation column

Arkadiy Turevskiy

For people looking for a comprehensive collection of resources on PID tuning, design, and implementation, take a look at this page:

Arkadiy Turevskiy

Thanks for an interesting submission. If you are interested in designing and tuning PID controllers in MATLAB and Simulink, please take a look at new PID tuning capabilities shipped in Simulink Control Design in R2009b:

There is also a webinar on the subject:

and MATLAB Digest article:




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MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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