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Plot a plane or line in 3D

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Plot a plane or line in 3D


Calvin Price (view profile)


19 Nov 2008 (Updated )

User specifies two independent vectors, and the corresponding plane is graphed.

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File Information

The user supplies two independent 3x1 vectors, and output is a graph of the plane generated by these two vectors. A single input of one 3x2 matrix is also ok.

The user may specify just one vector. The plot will
then be just the line generated by that vector.

The plot will also be a line if the two input vectors are linearly

Optional 3rd argument: User may also specify a string that determines the plot style of the plane, using the same string options as for MATLAB's plot function.

OTHER FUNCTIONS REQUIRED: arrow3D.m (by Shawn Arseneau), column3D.m, scatter3_2.m, normalize.m, rotatePoints.m
(all of these are included in zip file)

EXAMPLE: >> plotp([1;1;1],[2;2;-4])
                  >> plotp([1;1;1],[3;-3;0],'m')

EXAMPLE: for matrix of rank 1, plot the 2 dimensional nullspace (a plane), and 1 dimensional row space (a line), the two should be visibly orthogonal subspaces

>> A=[1 0 0; 2 0 0; 3 0 0]

A =

     1 0 0
     2 0 0
     3 0 0

>> hold on
>> plotp(null(A))
>> plotp(orth(A'),'m')


3 D Arrow With Many Color/Parameter Options inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)
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17 Apr 2016 Jornney


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21 Dec 2014 Shriram

09 Oct 2013 Neal

Neal (view profile)

Nice for visualization with tensor calculus

09 Mar 2011 Hui Shun Huang

26 Dec 2008 1.1

Added "rotatePoints.m" into zip file; file is needed for arrow3D.m (by Shawn Arseneau)

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