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Read 2-D matrix saved with Mathematica 'Put' command.



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READMM_2D(file,nrows) reads data from the full path+filename specified by 'file' and parses the data into the number of rows specified by 'nrows'.

If the number of rows is specified the function uses TXT2MAT to read a Mathematica formatted 2D data array. If number of rows is not specified, or if TXT2MAT is not available, the function reads the file with TEXTREAD and automatically determines the number of rows and columns for the input data.

file -- string variable; fully specified filename
nrows -- numeric scalar; number of rows in data file
flagstr -- 'fast' specifies TXT2MAT algorithm (default)
'slow' specifies TEXTREAD algorithm

numrows = 1248;
myfile = 'C:\somefile.txt';
A = readMM_2D(myfile,numrows);

ans = <1248x1248 double>

Please note: A separate file exchange submission (TXT2MAT) must be installed to take advantage of the 'fast' algorithm in this submission.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)

Inspired by: txt2mat

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