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MIMO with Zero Forcing equalizer

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Describes a 2x2 MIMO system using Zero Forcing equalizer in Rayleigh fading channel.



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Discuss the case where there a multiple (two) transmit antennas and multiple (two) receive antennas resulting in the formation of a 2x2 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) channel. We will assume that the channel is a flat fading Rayleigh multipath channel and the modulation is BPSK.

The equalization scheme used is Zero Forcing. As expected, the simulated results with a 2×2 MIMO system using BPSK modulation in Rayleigh channel is showing matching results as obtained in for a 1×1 system for BPSK modulation in Rayleigh channel.

For more theoretical description of Zero Forcing Equalization in 2x2 MIMO channel, please check

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Thank you very much for this codes.
I would like to know if you have any suggestion if we would like to make a Massive MIMO with several Tx Antennas and Rx Antennas?

Best Regards
M Idham Habibie

There is something wrong with the code.
hInv = hCof./hDen; % inv(H^H*H)
for i=1:N/nTx
The performance will be much better.

Sarr ndèye

Hi every body,
I would like to know how I can generate Rice samples in Matlab.
Thanks for your response.

nintendo bc

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