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Using MATLAB Builder for JAVA with Eclipse

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Using MATLAB Builder for JAVA with Eclipse



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These are my notes on how to get Eclise to work with MATLAB builder to JAVA.
I found myself referring to these notes many time so I am sharing them for others to use.

I'll be continuously correcting and updating this file so please feel free to send me your feedback on it

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I am having the exact same problem as liang, it runs from the command line, but not from Eclipse. I made the JAR using Java 1.7.0_11, but I am trying to run it with 1.7.0_75. Any solution?


liang (view profile)

I tried to call MagicSquare from Eclipse.
Added the two jar in eclipse, but still get error message. I have MATLAB R2011a, and MCR 7.15 installed on my computer, but it still can't find the dll file in the runtime.

By the way, running it from command line is successful.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Failed to find the library mclmcrrt7_15.dll, required by MATLAB Builder JA, on java.library.path.
This library is typically installed along with MATLAB or the MCR, its absence may indicate an issue with that installation or the current path configuration.
The MCR version that this component is trying to use is: 7.15.

at com.mathworks.toolbox.javabuilder.internal.MCRConfiguration$ProxyLibraryDir.get(
at com.mathworks.toolbox.javabuilder.internal.MCRConfiguration$ProxyLibraryDir.<clinit>(
at com.mathworks.toolbox.javabuilder.internal.MCRConfiguration.getProxyLibraryDir(
at com.mathworks.toolbox.javabuilder.internal.MCRConfiguration$MCRRoot.get(
at com.mathworks.toolbox.javabuilder.internal.MCRConfiguration$MCRRoot.<clinit>(
at com.mathworks.toolbox.javabuilder.internal.MCRConfiguration.getMCRRoot(
at com.mathworks.toolbox.javabuilder.internal.MCRConfiguration$ModuleDir.<clinit>(
at com.mathworks.toolbox.javabuilder.internal.MCRConfiguration.getModuleDir(
at com.mathworks.toolbox.javabuilder.internal.MWMCR.<clinit>(
at com.mathworks.toolbox.javabuilder.MWUtil.GetUnknownClassID(
at com.mathworks.toolbox.javabuilder.MWClassID.<clinit>(
at getmagic.main(

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