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11 Feb 2009 (Updated )

Puts axes in the center of a plot. Zooming, panning and some command line manipulations allowed.

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AXESCENTER(AX) puts axes in the center of axes AX. If AX is not specified, the current axes will be used. Many commonly used command line options are available to manipulate the center axes, as well as zoom and pan from the figure's menubar. See the help for a fuller description of features, and a demo.

This function relies on undocumented and unsupported properties, so it may not work on some versions of Matlab.

Tested on 2007a 2007b and 2006a.

Please email me about bugs and other concerns, and email me if this doesn't work on your version of Matlab. Thanks.


Plot Axis At Origin inspired this file.

This file inspired Oaxes Central Axis Lines Through An Origin.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
Other requirements Relies on undocumented properties.
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Comments and Ratings (15)
25 Jun 2014 Robert

Works great! NB. seems to be incompatible with new graphics in the 2014b release, hope you can modify it to sense the matlab release and operate accordingly.

06 Apr 2013 Heather Moreland

This is great! Just once question. Is there a way to keep the "box" around the figure so as to sort of frame it? Here is my code

function z=graph(x)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

16 Feb 2013 Mircea

Does this work on 3d-plots?

26 Jan 2013 Wyatt

I couldn't get it to work on Matlab R2011B, but I am a beginner.

04 May 2012 Joachim  
08 Nov 2011 J

This is great - using on 2010a. Doesn't seem to put scale units (e.g. 10^-14) unless I run it twice... any ideas?

13 May 2011 Matt Fig

Hello Robert,

There is no guarantee the axes go through the origin with any plot. This will depend on the data. But if the data is so centered, axescenter will go through the origin. Also, I cannot reproduce your claim about the xlabel. For example:

plot(-10:10) % Origin-centered data
xlabel('X Label') % Correctly placed!
xlabel('X Label2') % Correctly placed.

Please email me if with some code to reproduce what you are seeing...

13 May 2011 Robert

Great idea, two bugs for somebody to fix though:

1) It doesn't seem to work correctly with subplots (i.e. axes don't actually go through the origin)

2) It seems to change the focus from the current axes somehow, so that e.g. calls to xlabel don't work after calling axescenter. However, this is fixed by reselecting the axes.

08 Apr 2010 Petter

A better functionality would be to always have the axes intersect at the origin.

22 Jan 2010 Stefan

This is very good; I have always wondered why MatLab does not have this feature as a standard.

I have one problem: only the "hidden" axes will show (in gray) when printing to a file (TIFF)

19 Feb 2009 Sergei Vonsovskii

AXESCENTER is doing what it is supposed to do.

19 Feb 2009 Matt Fig

Sergei noticed that if the parent of the current axes is not a figure, AXESCENTER will not position correctly. He had called AXESCENTER for an axes that was in a uipanel. An update is on the way.

19 Feb 2009 Sergei Vonsovskii

That works very good!

2 Matt Fig
This is a good work. Great for other user from Russia

16 Feb 2009 Thomas Jatzkowski

That works very well!

One remark:
gives wrong tick labels when used together with "axis equal"

13 Feb 2009 Matt Fig

I realized I should have a check that the input arg is a handle of the correct type. Update on the way.

16 Feb 2009

Input checking to insure axes handle is passed.

19 Feb 2009

Fixed problem of non-figure parents.

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