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Extended (n,k)-gray code

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We extend normal gray code to conside about different range for each digit.



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Our basic idea is based on (n,k)-gray code which was introduced in one paper named :"Generalized Gray Codes with Applications".

Our extention is allowing each digit ranged from different digit which is widely useful in some situations.For example, (3,2)-Gray code is (0,0), (0,1), (0,2),(1,2),(1,0),(1,1),(2,1),(2,2),(2,0). The parameter 3 is the range of each digit {0,1,2}, and 2 restricts there are 2 digits.
Our extended gray code is working in this way. For example, if we want to generate gray code with the range of {2 3 3 4} for each digit as input parameter, our function will produce: 0000,1000,1100,0100,0200,1200,1210,0210,........ in total of 72 sequences.

Please start from 'ControlCenter.m', we give an example there with detailed explanation.
I also add mex programming function for fast generation, good for advance users.Pay attention, i have only tested it under linux.
If there is any question, please let me know, I will answer you questions within one day if internet is available.

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Marino Pagan

Good function.

It wasn't clear to me at first how to use it: the input argument needs to be a row vector, and each element specifies the range of the corresponding digit.

n-digit binary gray code:
ImprovedGenerateGrayCode( 2*ones(1,n) )

n-digit ternary gray code: ImprovedGenerateGrayCode( 3*ones(1,n) )

and so on

Guangdi Li

Guangdi Li (view profile)



improve it by mex programming.


this time I add a detailed example, thanks for you help.

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