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feature-based retinal image registration

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feature point, retinal image , image registration, blood vessel

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The bifurcation structure is composed of a master bifurcation point and its three connected neighbors. The characteristic vector of each bifurcation structure consists of the normalized branching angle and length, which is invariant against translation, rotation, scaling, and even modest distortion. This can greatly reduce the ill-posed nature of the matching process as long as the vasculature pattern can be segmented.

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Ghulam (view profile)

Can anyone pls tell me how to use this project?
I am trying to run the file supplied here, but it has some errors.
Need some guidence.

Antu Saha

how can i compare two retinal images if they are same or not by this code?
plz help me.
thank you

can you help me for finding the corresponding of the structure elements ...thank you

Smith Adam


nazia (view profile)

Please help me to combine all these code in a single code


In this function points_transform one of the inputs is 'node'. Can you explain me what is that please?

jntu college

how to work with this code in matlab
please provide me steps

Diego Barragán

Diego Barragán (view profile)

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