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REN, a multiple file renaming utility with GUI

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REN = renaming utility with a GUI. It was inspired by Quan's post on

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REN is a renaming utility with a GUI and several options. It was inspired by Quan's post on Blinkdagger where he had to rename hundreds of files:

Options include:
- Modes for adding prefix or suffix to filename, or changing file extension
- Can add custom text, or number series to the filenames
- Copy renamed files, or move them (deletes source file)
- Select multiple files using common filters, or sorted by attributes

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Jason (view profile)

OK... figured it out. Just had to right-click on the '.fig' file and select "open in guide".


Jason (view profile)

Looks like the perfect utility for me but I can't get it working. I am using R2010b on a Mac and the GUI window is too small. I can't access the text entry boxes - needs to be a little bigger (?). Any help? thanks.



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