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Create a figure scaled relative to screen size. It's an easy way to make non-default size figures.

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figuresc(w,h) creates a normal figure except that figure size is adjusted by scaling factors for width and height, w and h. Scaling factors have a range of 0.0 <= X < 1.0, and are relative to screen size.

figuresc(s) makes width and height scaling factors both equal to s.

h = figuresc(...) returns a handle to the figure.

Demo code (and fun too!)
    for x = 0.9:-0.1:0.1, figuresc(x), end

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Alan Brooks

How many times have you created figures and had to look up how to resize them. This removes all the thought process and let you get on with coding the interesting stuff ...

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MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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