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Find realizations of multivariable systems. Created for Msc. students at the UANDES and UAC.



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Mult&T is a user interface created with Matlab ® to facilitate management control of multivariable linear models, also tends to incorporate developments that allow the design of multiple controllers for different methods. Among the main functions that currently presents:
• Find minimum realizations by different methods.
• Conversions and main characteristics of the MIMO model (transfer matrices (MTF), the matrices in polynomial fraction (MPF) and the state space (ss)).
• Allows transformation similarity to achievements in canonical form.
• Achievements and realization balanced and order reduction in the models.

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I have a question not strictly about the toolbox: it is possible to calculate the RGA instead of from the estimation of the MIMO model, from input/output data?


Meshaq (view profile)

great tool.


Jamie (view profile)

Fantastic toolbox - Would like to be able to use the multitool. Currently unavailable upon download "Your evaluation MulT&T for this product has expired update in ..."?. If you do try to run it SAVE YOUR WORK!

Pablo Ñañez

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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