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save all variables except what the user specifies

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Save all workspace variables to harddisk except what the user specifies.

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This function tries to do the opposite of what MATLAB's built-in SAVE function does: with SAVE, variables are written to a binary file if they are included in the input arguments. SAVEX, on the other hand saves all variables by default, except those which are specified by the user. This can be achieved through including either the name of the variable as an input argument to SAVEX, or by using one or more regular expressions as input argument.

>> help savex
for three simple examples.

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Mark (view profile)

Would prefer if a warning is issued when no action is being taken. Also with the default action being 'save all variables by default', I expected that
would automatically save the workspace to filename but this is not the case. Could you get this simply to redirect to
save filename;
when no variables are specified?



Implemented changes suggested by Darren Rowland (05 May 2009)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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