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Animate sets of Euler rotations using arbitrary Euler angles and rotation order.



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[coordSys,as] = animEuler(h,rotSet,angs) animates the rotation of a dextral coordinate system using three arbitrary Euler angles (angs) about three axes (rotSet) in figure (h). rotSet is an array of 3 numbers in the range of [1, 3] representing the three body axes, so that rotSet = [3,1,3] is a body 3-1-3 rotation (z-x-z convention). Angles are assumed to be in degrees. In addition to animating the rotations, this function plots the intermediate reference frames.

The function returns the matrix coordSys, representing the direction cosine matrix of the Euler angle set, and the array (as), containing the handles of the three surfact objects representing the axes.

Note: If called with no arguments, this function will animate a 3-1-3 rotation using angles 45,30,60 in figure 1. These defaults will also be used in the place of null values.

Helper function make3daxes and rot3daxes are included.

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John (view profile)

Hi Dmitry, I would like to continue doing a second (or even multiple) euler angle rotations based on / after the first euler angle rotation, on the same pre-existing figure. Then, to retrieve the resultant 'net' data. Using your helper function rot3daxes, this seems almost doable. Any assistance is appreciated

Thankyou very very much

It gives the best illustration for euler angle rotations.

Excellent work.

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