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Chebfun V4



30 Apr 2009 (Updated )

Numerical computation with functions instead of numbers.

Editor's Notes:

This file was selected as MATLAB Central Pick of the Week

% ATAPformats.m  Set formats for Trefethen's book 
%     "Approximation Theory and Approximation Practice"

% Nick Trefethen, May 2009: This code sets certain default properties and
% is called at the beginning of each section of the book so that the output
% from "publish" has a pleasing appearance.  It is included in this
% directory as part of the Chebfun distribution so that readers of the book
% need only download Chebfun to be able to execute each section.

% Copyright 2011 by The University of Oxford and The Chebfun Developers. 
% See for Chebfun information.

close all, clear all 
set(0,'defaultfigureposition',[380 320 540 200],...
'defaultlinemarkersize',15); format compact, format long

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