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Simulink for Teaching Signal Processing Courses

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The examples provided in this file can be used to teach signal processing courses.



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The zip files contains Simulink® models that can be used for Teaching Signal Processing Concepts interactively. The models can be used for demonstrations or with modern teaching methods. The examples build on the ideas presented in the paper "Interactive models for teaching digital signal processing", Proc. IEEE DSP Workshop 2009. The paper can be downloaded from the IEEE website over here:

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Showing error. cant run on my matlab 2009b

Gautam Vallabha

There is also a recorded webinar associated with these files:


Ashwini (view profile)

Nice .... !!

Diego Barragán

Diego Barragán (view profile)

Leonardo Araujo

Leonardo Araujo (view profile)

Leonardo Araujo

Leonardo Araujo (view profile)

Very Nice thanks for sharing!


Updated license


Updated Audio Files and Examples on Equalizer and AM Demodulation. Added PA System example.

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