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Kronecker tensor product



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This function does exactly what Matlab KRON does, but for large full matrices, the engine uses BSXFUN to accelerate the calculation.
Another advantage is no intermediate large matrices are generated (four temporary arrays in case of KRON).

Here is the benchmark code and result:

mem = memory;
maxn = (mem.MaxPossibleArrayBytes/32)^0.25;
n = 10:10:maxn;
for sz=n
    A=rand(sz); B=rand(sz);
    for ntry=1:10
        tic; K = kron(A,B); t1=min(t1,toc);
    clear K
    for ntry=1:10
        tic; K = kronecker(A,B); t2=min(t2,toc);
    clear K
    gain(end+1) = t1/t2;

fprintf('Size A/B Speed gain\n');
fprintf(' %02d %1.2f \n', [n; gain]);

    Size A/B Speed gain
       10 1.17
       20 3.48
       30 3.78
       40 3.73
       50 3.68
       60 4.22
       70 3.81

Comments and Ratings (8)

Yair Altman

Yair Altman (view profile)

Congratulating in having your efficient code incorporated in the stock KRON function in R2013b - well done, Bruno!

Minchul Shin


Loginatorist (view profile)

Fast, slick, well done.
Thanks for answering my question. I was waiting on that in order to give a rating, now I know it is my old (!, 2007b) version of MATLAB which is out of alignment.

Bruno Luong

Bruno Luong (view profile)

To Matt's comment #2: 2D error checking is introduced in KRON in recent Matlab version. KORNECKER is designed to replicate the same behavior (desirable?).

A workaround (beside delete the error checing line) is:

A = reshape(A,size(A,1),[]);
B = reshape(B,size(B,1),[]);
C = kronecker(A,B);


Loginatorist (view profile)

My only question is why the function errors out for non- 2D inputs? The stock MATLAB function does not error, and if I take the offending lines of code out of kronecker, the results match.


Loginatorist (view profile)


Indeed that is faster for smaller A,B. However, for larger A and B, kronecker is several times faster.


I found a faster implementaion here I have translated it into matlab below

function c = kron2(a,b)
  [ra, ca]=size(a);
  [rb, cb]=size(b);
  c = a(ones(rb,1)*(1:ra), ones(cb,1)*(1:ca)).* b((1:rb)'*ones(1,ra), (1:cb)'*ones(1,ca));



Miss spelling corrected

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
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Inspired: Kronecker product

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