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Base64 Image Encoder

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Encode a MATLAB (R) figure or file on disk as a string in Base64



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Base64img takes a MATLAB figure and encodes it as a JPEG in a base64 string. This string can be used directly in a web page to display an image without an image file (in a subset of browsers only- 32 bit Windows and Linux).
Base64file takes a file on disk and encodes it as a base64 string.

This submission uses the Apache Commons Codec library to perform the encoding

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Michael Katz

Binod, IE6 does not support embedded base64 images, and in IE8, there is a character length limit on URIs so that is why you only receive a partial image. The only workarounds I've seen was to create a program to run on the server to take the encoded image and create a file out of it.

Binod Pant

I am trying to embed an image in HTML, and the output I generate works in Firefox, but in IE8, I get a partial image. In IE6, nothing shows up.

I did not attach my HTML, as it would be too large. I do not see a file attach button here. I generated the base64 code using base64img.m.

Have you run into this issue before, and if so, how did you resolve it? Please note that I cannot use a separate CSS file, I have to have a single file output due to the nature of the work I am doing.


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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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