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Jpeg2000 compression using Simulink v2

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I have tried my hand at drawing up a simulink block set *VERY BASIC* of jpec2000 compression.



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My problem is the DWT wavelet asks for a frame input but I cant seem to resolve the issue. Please have a look someone and check. Think I might have made a very beginner mistake :)

Kindest Regards
Jacques Kleynhans

Kindest Regards
Jacques Kleynhans

Currently working on my MSc building a FPGA based camera system for a Satellite, Image compression is necessary.

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I got an error regarding downsample block.
"Error reported by S-function 'sdspdsamp2' in 'Rocaries/Block Processing/Block iterator/sub-block process/Compression and Decompression/Encoder/Downsample':
Multirate operation not allowed with Triggered sample times".
can any one help me with this.
thanks a lot for this work.


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excellent,it's the one



I solved the frame issue by adding frame convertion blocks to my signal paths before every DWT. So I can actually see a compression happening :)

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