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Print Graphics to a File

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A GUI for printing figures to a file using EPS, JPEG or PNG format.



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PTF supports printing MATLAB graphics to a file while the following properties can be set to a desired value:
file format & name,
figure width/height,
font name/size/style,
line size.

PTF -GUI starts a GUI in order to simplify the process of choosing the right properties and executing the print command.

PTF.M is based on EXPORTFIG.M by Ben Hinkle from The MathWorks.

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Even the parent functions (exportfig.m) do not work. How this got vetted and updated and yet nothing actually works is beyond me. I get the same error re: the gcf handle. I suspect this is a matlab version issue.

Prasad Parkhi

But some times I get following remarks--
??? Error using ==> ptf>LocalExportFig
Error using ==> get
Invalid handle.

Error in ==> ptf at 261

Gerard Ridgway

Seems to be based on the first version of exportfig -- Ben Hinkle updated this, adding a few useful features. See:

Bipin Satavalekar

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)

Inspired: Pattern generator for MATLAB

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