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Zero forcing equalization for STBC-MIMO systems

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Perform Zero Forcing equalization for MIMO Systems using Space time block code.



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Zero Forcing equalization is the simplest method to estimate the transmitted symbols in a MIMO system using linear space time coding (See reference [1] for the theoretical background). For particular codes (orthogonal codes), ZF equalizer gives the same results than the optimal (ML) receiver.

The zip file contains three m files.

- space_time_coding.m (perform space time coding)
- coherent_ZF_receiver.m (perform ZF space time equalization)
- one_shot_ZF_equalizer.m (show an example)

To use these files, extract the three files in the same folder. Then, call the script one_shot_ZF_equalizer in the matlab command window. See the file space_time_coding.m to obtain the list of supported STBCs.

[1] E.G. Larsson,P.Stoica. "Space-time block coding for wirelesscommunications", Cambridge Press,2003

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