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10Base-T Ethernet

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Stateflow® Model of the 10Base-T Ethernet and CSMA/CD Protocol.



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Simulink® and Stateflow® model of four network interface cards (NICs) communicating with each other over a twisted pair cable using 10Base-T Ethernet and CSMA/CD protocol. The shared cable includes propagation, bus, and patch delays.
Each NIC node contains:
* CSMA/CD controller in Stateflow
* Transmitter
* Receiver
* Collision detection system

Initially, the state machines of two NICs are displayed, plus a Simulink scope which shows the transmit activity of each card. As the simulation runs, the scope display can be compared to the animation of the controller states in Stateflow, giving a visual understanding of the CSMA/CD protocol and collisions.

This model was created by Chris Thorpe.

IEEE Std 802.3-2000, available from:

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I'm getting the this error when I run the model - Failed to load library 'dspsrcs2' referenced by 'ethernet/Node0/RX/pkt_end_detect/postamble'.
I'm using Matlab 2012b and I can't find any replacement block of postamble.


Markus (view profile)

the model is not running with R2010b. Can you help me. Thx

rangaswamy gopinath

chisom nnadimma

i need to receive necessary to be able to work on Simulation of a Stateflow Model of the 10Base-T Ethernet and CSMA/CD Protocol. run the result on matlab

Gonzalo Guzman

anish sasidharan

anish sasidharan


Updated license


Added trademark.


Added trademarks.

Fix bug in S-functions to work with R14.

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