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Simple GUI for serial port communication

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Simple GUI for serial port communication


Roger Yeh (view profile)


13 Jan 2010 (Updated )

Set up a serial connection to send and receive messages.

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File Information

This simple graphical user interface (GUI) allows you to quickly set up a serial port for simple communication.
There are two versions - Serial_GUI and Serial_GUI_noICT. Serial_GUI requires the Instrument Control Toolbox because it calls the INSTRHWINFO function to check for all available serial ports and automatically populates the upper right-hand corner listbox. Serial_GUI_noICT generates a list of serial ports (COM1 through COM12). These ports may or may not be available. Furthermore, there may be availabe ports not listed.

The port and baud rate can be specified, but only when disconnected. If connected, disconnect the serial connection first, make the changes, and re-connect.

[Note: This example was created in MATLAB R2009b, but has been tested to work on releases back to R2007b. May work on earlier releases as well.]

Required Products Instrument Control Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)
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Comments and Ratings (18)
14 Jul 2016 Safdar Munir

14 Jul 2016 Safdar Munir

Hy Roger
can you help me i want to send my text file char by char using serial communcaition

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13 Apr 2016 jimavd

jimavd (view profile)

Very useful, thank you for sharing.

31 Mar 2016 OUHMIZ_D_Mourad

hi i wanted to display a voltage value in interface GUI
it's like a PC voltmeter
thank you

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18 Feb 2016 Mahesh

Mahesh (view profile)

16 Jul 2015 Shaohui Yong

Great job. Very helpful.

23 Nov 2014 hugo

hugo (view profile)

Nice work.. thanks

14 Jul 2013 Yazdan Bajelan

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07 May 2013 Gerard

Gerard (view profile)

Hey, this works awesome and it's been helping me a lot, but I want to receive data continuously after pressing the receive button instead of only receiving one line of data each time I press the button. I've been trying while loops and for loops but to no avail. Do you have any suggestions on how I might do this?

27 Apr 2013 jebnouni jebnouni

27 Apr 2013 jebnouni jebnouni

19 Nov 2012 Lei

Lei (view profile)

10 Nov 2012 Ratatosk

great job, but how do you differ from the types of data? like single bit or 8-bit, decimal or hex?

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02 Jun 2012 Ketan Tang

Do you have any idea how to do USB communication?

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01 May 2012 taner

taner (view profile)

15 Oct 2011 Parth Shah


05 Jul 2011 yepiz

yepiz (view profile)


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25 Apr 2011 annna

annna (view profile)

Nice work......

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27 Jan 2010 1.1

Added screenshot. Changed the note on compatible versions.

01 Sep 2016

Updated license

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